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Question 1: Why does the finish run ? How to fix this problem?

, 20/08/2011, 03:43 GMT+7


*   The finish runs ( also called orange peel) because of following reasons:

-   The material's density or concentration is too high.

-   Use the kind of mineral spirit that evaporates too fast.

-   Adjust the spray not correctly.

-   Problems related to ventilation

-   The layer of paint is too thin.

*   Fixing Methods:

-  Add more mineral spirit to reduce the concentration.

-   Choose the kind of mineral spirit that evaporates slowly when the weather is hot.

-   Adjust spraying equipment ( air pressure, gun nose, volume of  paint)

-   Adjust the volume of mineral spirit or dissolving substance in general procedure, add or reduce air volume.

-   Spray more paint onto the product.