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UV Coatings

BT- UV Floor Coatings are able to be cured by exposing under UV lamp, especially use for parquet.


*   Appearance: light yellow or transparent liquid

*   Apply method: spray by airgun or roll by roller machine

*   Cured immediately via UV oven

*   High solid content (~ 100%), very low VOC, eco- friendly

*   High build, toughness, high hardness film

*   Good chemicals, water resistance and good weather resistance

*   Good mar and scratch resistance


1.      BT- UV Primer: Main function of this kind is increasing adhesion between the film and wood substrate. Especially, apply for flooring and some hard wood.

2.      BT- UV  Floor Sealer

3.      BT- UV Floor Topcoat


1.     Wood substrate treatment:Sanding, filling, make sure the substrate is clean and smooth.

2.     Wood filler: Depending on customer’s requirement, Wood Filler is a solution to make a very smooth surface

3.     Primer: Depending on wood characteristics, Primer is used for improving the film adhesion.

4.     Sealer: Depending on the kind of wood substrate (hard or soft) to make suitable sealer selection. Use one or many layers to increase the hardness and smoothness. Sanding carefully after applying.

5.     Topcoat : UV topcoat is processed with worm thread rolling machine (01 or many layers according to hardness required) or Spray Topcoat.

Important note: Must stir coatings before using. Clean all apparatus and machines after production.


*   Must store the UV coating in cool place, keep far away from heat sources (flame, machines,..).

*   Paint cans after using must be closed tightly. Avoid sunlight, dust, solvent and any straight solutions.


*   Components in UV coatings cannot be cured themselves without UV, therefore they are easy to get through skin. Safety working gloves and gauze mask are a must when contacting product. Clean thoroughly at once by soap within 60 minutes since skin touch.

*   Keep out of eyes, skin and mouth.

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