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Question 3: Why do I sometimes see pin holes or air bubbles on the finish surface? How to repair this?

, 20/08/2011, 03:36 GMT+7


*   Causes:

-  The air and solvent can not easily escape through the outer surface without having any effecting action.

-   Mineral spirit evaporates too fast.

-   Fillet is coarse.

-   The wood putty is not definitely dry, mineral spirit in sealer or topcoat is too strong, so it can penetrate into the soft putty and make the air bubble.

-   Air bubble appears after stirring the material.

-   The filter of spraying equipment is broken, so the water can go through.

-   The wood is not dry enough, or it may absorb water too much.

-   The finish surface is not clear enough.

*   Fixing method:

-   Avoid direct air flow.

-   Use the kind of mineral spirit that evaporates slowly.

-  Use fine Fillet to prevent water from penetrating into before topcoating.

-   Use the wood putty that dries faster or let more time for wood putty to dry at higher temperature.

-   Let the bubble settle down before application.

-   Wash spraying equipment.

-  Make wood definitely dry before finishing.

-   Use rags damped into mineral spirit to clean wood before topcoating.