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Question 6: Why does the finish surface run? How to tackle this problem?

, 20/08/2011, 03:27 GMT+7


*   The finish surface runs because of following reasons:

-  Adding too much mineral spirit into the finish.

-   Mineral spirit evaporates slowly.

-   Spraying the finish not regularly.

-   Spraying the finish too thick.

-   The spraying assembly or dipping equipment have problems.

-   The volume of air too much.

-   Cold weather

*   Fixing methods:

-   Mix the finish as instructed.

-   Based on drying conditions, choose suitable mineral spirit.

-   Use spraying gun correctly and carefully.

-   Apply a thinner layer.

-   Repair or use new equipment.

-   Reduce the volume of air.

-   Use quick-evaporating mineral spirit or increase the temperature of spraying room.