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How to Paint Furniture With Faux Finishes (01:17 | 14/05/2013)

Add creativity and artistic flair with a variety of faux finish techniques on used or dated furniture. Transform furniture using a variety of paint colors and paint tools for a brand new look...



How to Faux Paint Furniture? (07:29 | 08/04/2013)

Why live with drab furniture you're unhappy with, or spend a fortune on replacing it, when a few painting supplies are all you need to give your old pieces a great new look



How to Faux Finish Furniture (04:26 | 28/03/2013)

Turning an old or plain piece of furniture into a one-of-a-kind treasure is within your reach if you're willing to invest some time and creativity. Any faux finish can be achieved on a piece of furniture, depending on the scale of your piece and how it will be used.....



How to Sand & Stain Cedar Furniture (06:40 | 21/02/2013)

Cedar is a durable and rot-resistant wood, making cedar furniture excellent for inside or outside of your home. Sanding and staining cedar furniture ensures it will survive years of wear and tear.



Sanding Mahogany furniture (06:07 | 12/01/2013)

Mahogany is a delicate wood used for furniture because of its small pores and beautiful grain, which gives mahogany a great finish. Mahogany changes its appearance when viewed at different angles. When finished properly, mahogany becomes a chameleon...



How to Sand Indoor Teak Furniture (08:37 | 03/12/2012)

Teak furniture is prized for its ability to withstand weather changes. When left untreated, it simply ages to a beautiful, soft gray. Indoor teak furniture is generally sealed to maintain its rich, honey-brown tones...



UV Curing Basics - What Finishers Should Know (09:01 | 26/10/2011)

1. Definition

Ultraviolet (UV) curing is an electrically based technology that uses intense UV light, generated by a high-voltage power supply, to instantly convert UV-curable materials from liquids to solids...



How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture (15:35 | 30/06/2011)

Replacing your outdoor furniture with a brand new set of wood patio, deck or garden furniture can feel as satisfying as overhauling a bedroom or kitchen, and you might feel that if your furniture was shipped yesterday, it still won't be quick enough...



How to Clean Wood Furniture With Cigarette Smoke Damage (15:34 | 29/06/2011)

Furniture left in a smoky room will soon be covered with a residue from cigarette smoke. This residue has an odor and can leave the surface of the furniture looking dull....