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BTCHEM is a unit operating in the interior and exterior wood painting industry and has more than 30 years of experience in this field. The company views customers as companions and builds trustworthy relationships with customers.

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Customers' benefits are our company's benefits

BTChem Sustainable Companion

Proud to be a unit operating in the interior wood painting industry, having been with customers for more than 30 years. Through ups and downs and challenges, we have built respectful relationships with customers, and especially, with small units in the past, which have now become strong companies, close friend.

Proud of this tradition, BTChem not only views customers as business partners, but also as companions. Thanks to the consensus and support from customers, we have had the opportunity to develop and affirm our position in the industry.

BT Chem's service spirit

Not only stopping at finding new customers, but also aiming to maintain and develop sustainable relationships with current customers. BTChem considers customers as  close friends, companions on the common path of success. BTChem respects and cherishes every perspective and opinion from customers, and always listens to create the best solutions together.

Confident in quality and a solid vision, BTchem determines its goal of becoming a strong company and a company with the highest potential and prospects in the industry. We are committed to constantly innovating, improving product and service quality, accompanying customers in every project, and always meeting their hopes and expectations.

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Core values

The spirit of solidarity and dedication are important values that we build in each member of the organization. BTChem understands that only by working together can we truly grow and bring success. We aim to continue to create a positive working environment and passionate staff, BTChem encourages creativity, new ideas and teamwork. We create favorable conditions for each member to maximize their potential and contribute to common success.

With the application of advanced technology and modern production processes, BTChem is committed to providing the best quality products, meeting all customer requirements and desires.

BTChem also understands that our work does not stop at providing quality products, but also creating satisfaction and trust from customers. Therefore, we place a high importance on providing the best customer service, from the consulting and ordering process to delivery and after-sales. We are always ready to listen to customer feedback and strive to improve every day.

With a spirit of determination and unrelenting passion, BTChem believes that the success of our customers is our success. We aim to become a reliable and trustworthy partner for every interior project. By maintaining good relationships with old customers and continuing to explore new markets, we aim to become a leading company in the furniture industry.


Cooperation - Quality - Satisfaction

BTChem is committed to always putting customers' interests first. We understand that customers are the guiding principle for our development. Therefore, we always listen to opinions and meet all customer requirements in the best way.

Backed by a rigorous quality management system, BTChem ensures each of our products and services meet the highest standards. We are persistent in constantly improving quality, not only to meet customer expectations but also to be proud of the products and services we bring.

We believe that our company's success is based not only on the reliability of our products and services, but also on our close and lasting relationships with our customers. We view customers as friends and partners on the path to success.